About Us

Woodberrys was founded in 2001, we are based in Galway and Family owned. From the start, we focussed on high quality boutique winemakers. From the outset it went pretty well and many of our original winemaking partners are still on our shelves today.  Today the range includes wines from all over World, but a feeling for spaces that need to be filled, unexplored areas or grapes that need championing is what sets us apart.

As Woodberrys grew over the years we have added new innovative wineries with focus on organic and biodynamics as well as more traditional wineries from lesser known areas and regions. We put our range together carefully and look for that special signature in the production of a wine, a characteristic that interests us or winemakers who have a take for a grape or a style or how a regions wine can be made. This is how we curate wines and at the same time guarantee the variety of flavours in most well-known and some less well known wine regions. The one element which underpins our selection is that these wines must offer great value and quality. We all know the makers and we trust them personally. We stand for fair treatment, trust, independence and long-term cooperation.

We aim to demystify wine to make it welcoming to everyone. We are delighted to chat with all who call us on any aspect of the wines we stock. And maybe that’s exactly what sets us apart from others. At Woodberrys, every customer will find their favourite wine.