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  1. Rivera 'Cappellaccio' Riserva

    Full bodied Italian red wine.

    Grape: Aglianico.

    Region: Aglianico, Italy

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  2. Rivera 'Lama dei Corvi' Chardonnay

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    Handpicked harvest of Chardonnay grapes grown in the spectacular vineyard called "Lama dei Corvi" (Crows' Landslide) See more information...
  3. Rivera 'Marese'  Bombino Bianco

    Zesty & aromatic Italian white wine.

    Grape: Bombino Bianco.

    Region: Bombino Bianco, Italy

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  4. Rivera Preludio No.1 Chardonnay Italian white wine

    Crisp & refreshing Italian white wine.

    Grape: Chardonnay.

    Region: Chardonnay, Italy

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4 Item(s)